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With thanks to...

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The Derek Higgs Start a Heart Appeal would like to thank The Jade Studio for the designing of the logo, leaflet, poster and advert. The Jade Studio is a full-service design agency based in Coventry. The team specialise in creative design, print, advertising, exhibition graphics and signage and work for clients across the UK. The Jade team have played an important role in the Derek Higgs Start a Heart Appeal and without their contribution the appeal would not have been achievable.

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The Derek Higgs Start a Heart Appeal would like to thank Advent Communications PR for the planning and co-ordinating of the appeal, including copy writing, media activities and the design of the campaign website. Advent Communications is a well-established public relations consultancy based in Coventry. In ten years it has built a reputation as a practical provider of news driven PR to a range of industry sectors, including construction, entertainment, business management, hospitality, law, travel, commercial and residential property and the public sector. The PR team produces specialised news for newspapers, magazines, radio, television and the internet.