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The Derek Higgs Start a Heart Appeal aims to introduce 50 defibrillators to businesses and public access sites in Coventry, and to train people to use them.

Every year in Coventry around 500 people suffer a cardiac arrest. Their heart stops pumping effectively and unless they get immediate basic life support they will die. For every minute that passes after the cardiac arrest their chance of survival decreases by 10 per cent. If a normal heart rhythm can be restored before a paramedic arrives, the casualty's chance of survival is radically improved.

If bought through the appeal, businesses can purchase a defibrillator at a reduced cost of £1,000 which includes basic first aid training for all staff in how to use the machines.

If you live, work and play in Coventry, the training and equipment this appeal aims to provide could save the life of someone you love...or even your own.

Contact the Derek Higgs Start a Heart Appeal if your organisation needs a defibrillator and make Coventry a better place to LIVE.